Next we are machining the bracket feet for the chest, the back are fairly straight forward, the Mahogany 1 3/8″ back side feet are half blind dovetailed to the 7/8″ thick Yellow Poplar back foot. The front foot, is a conglomeration of a Mahogany 1 3/8″ front side foot mitered to a 2 1/4″ thick front foot, the extra thickness is needed to allow the front feet to follow the blockfronting bulge on the front lower case moulding. The feet after being band sawn and spindle sanded..

The back side feet being dovetailed..

An assembled back foot..

Front feet receive a 1/4″ dado that will contain a spline, notice how the miter is offset..the excess material will be cut off the front foot to match the profile of the front case molding after the foot is glued up..

Dado being cut with two outer blades of dado set, with blade set at 45 degrees

Front foot with spline test fit into the dado, now ready for glue up..

Now after the front feet are glued up, we need to go off to the bandsaw to profile the front of the feet, first we load a nice sharp 3/8″ band into the bandsaw. The front feet are clamped to a jig that holds them 90 degrees to the bandsaw blade..

Next the front of the feet are bandsawn.. The first cut removes the flat area in the front of the feet…

Then the profile that follows the bottom of the case molding..