We are going to build a reproduction of the tall case clock built by John Townsend in 1789, this clock is located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. The clock is one of three clocks that are verified as built by John Townsend, the other two clocks are in the Museum of Fine Art (Boston) and Winterthur (Delaware). The clock is built out of Mahogany and features a brass dial, as will our reproduction.

I modeled the clock using SketchUp Pro, using pictures from the Met and photo’s I took to supplement the fabulous Met photos. As with most things, the devil is in the details, this clock has the devil in spades, many hours were spent modeling this beast Below is a virtualization of the constructed clock.

As with all tall case clocks, there are three main components of the clock

  • Base
  • Waist
  • Hood

I will try to document the build using the above three categories