The latest project we will undertake is a John Townsend four drawer block and shell chest. This is a very formidable project, from two angles; the blocked drawer fronts and the carving skill required to for the two concave and single convex shells.

This particular chest is from the book ‘Master Craftsman of Newport, the Townsends and the Goddards‘ by Michael Moses and Israel Sack. The chest is featured on a full page color plate (#3) in the book, the photography is wonderful, this is one serious book, the detailed photographs are amazing (both color and black and white).

Anyway, we modeled the complete chest as usual in SketchUp, the exception was the three shell carvings, I must confess that I could not figure out a way to model the shells… The chest is going to be constructed from South American Mahogany that we sourced from Irion Lumber, the secondary wood is going to be Yellow Poplar.