Next is the construction of the two Mahogany fluted quarter columns that flank the drawers. I can speak for myself, the construction of the columns is without a doubt the most challenging part of the construction of these chests. The quarter columns are constructed from four pieces of 1 1/4 square stock, two of the columns are Mahogany, the other two columns are Poplar.

Here the two Mahogany quarter columns are being glued with brown paper separating the two quarters.

Planing the two Poplar quarter columns.

Final glue up of the four quarter columns, I used hot hide glue suppressed with 20% salt to perform the glue up..

Blank mounted in the lathe, the profile of the top and bottom of the capitals.


The complete turned columns are mounted in a jig to start the fluting process..



After the columns are fluted, the four quarters are separated from each other. I found I got the least amount of drama during the separation process if I soaked the columns in a tub of hot water, the hot water loosens the bond of the hide glue and keeps the quarter column from exploding into a million pieces DAMHIKT.. Here we see the quarter column glued in the case with the top and bottom blocks..

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