The chest features bracket ogee feet, the feet are constructed from 8/4 Mahogany (1 7/8" net). The front feet are mitred and splined, the rear feet are dovetailed to the secondary back feet..

We are using a 1 3/8" Famag Bormax forstner bit to shape the 3/4 circle part of the foot. Lots of chips


The Famag Bormax did a wonderful job, crisp and clean..

After a visit on the bandsaw the foot is starting to take shape..


After a visit on the spindle sander, the next phase of the foot construction can take place.. Here we see the rear feet receiving half blind dovetails, we use a forstner bit to remove most of the waste between pins, the rest is done using chisels..

A completed rear foot assembly..

 The front feet need to be mitred, for this project I chose to use the tablesaw.. If I had to do the task again, I would pick my sliding chop saw..

Next we use a dado stack (two outer blades only) to cut a 1/4" dado for the front feet splines..



Here we see the rear feet receiving the ogee profile, the foot is placed on a platform and the profile is bandsawn.

Here is one of the front feet receiving the ogee profile on the second side of the foot.. You can clearly see the 'glue joint' which is the tell tale for the second pass on the bandsaw..


A foot after both sides of the front feet have been shaped on the bandsaw.. Next the foot needs some work with block plane, rasps, cabinet files and a scraper..



Finally, the finished foot complete with glue blocks, is screwed and glued to the bottom sub-frame.. The only missing component of the bracket feet are glue blocks to reinforce the miter..You can also see the Mahogany bottom of case molding attached to the Poplar sub-frame.

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